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IMPORTANT- Please Read Before Entering Your Zip Code

BLANCO® products are constructed to the highest quality standards and will give you years of enjoyment.  It is important that you select the right product, design and style for your home.  We believe that our customers need to see and feel the quality and craftsmanship of our product in a professional showroom experience in order to make the right selection for their kitchen needs. BLANCO strongly recommends that you visit and purchase from one of our AUTHORIZED SHOWROOMS.  BLANCO AUTHORIZED SHOWROOMS have our products on display and can offer you expertise in making your selections.  They also offer outstanding customer service, before during and after the sale and installation.   For the best shopping experience, BLANCO strongly recommends that you purchase our products through local AUTHORIZED SHOWROOMS.

If, due to geography or time constraints you are unable to purchase from a local AUTHORIZED SHOWROOM and you are considering an on-line purchase, only buy from a BLANCO AUTHORIZED E-TAILER.  If you do not purchase a BLANCO product from an AUTHORIZED E-TAILER any and all claims (whether the claim is for a defect or for damages) relating to the product will not have the benefit of being covered by BLANCO's warranty for the product.  Instead, you will have to resolve any such claim only with the internet reseller from which you purchased the product.  BLANCO cannot guarantee that the product you buy from an unauthorized E-TAILER is an authentic, quality BLANCO product that is new and fit for installation and use.  BLANCO'S warranty only covers authentic, unaltered BLANCO products.  BLANCO'S AUTHORIZED E-TAILERS are highly rated and offer customer service as well.  BLANCO has AUTHORIZED certain retailers to sell its products online and this is indicated by an "Authorized Internet Retailer" logo to their website. 

Click here to see a list of our AUTHORIZED INTERNET RETAILERS.

Any retailer that does not appear on the list of BLANCO AUTHORIZED INTERNET RETAILERS is an unauthorized E-TAILER of BLANCO products.

BLANCO strongly recommends that you thoroughly research all potential retailers before you purchase a BLANCO product.

Please help us prohibit improper and questionable business practices and any misrepresentation of BLANCO products by unauthorized resellers and report suspected practices to BLANCO at  BLANCO appreciates your help in upholding the brand and value of BLANCO merchandise.