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GREEN Products

Where Style and Sustainability Meet


Blanco is committed to developing products and manufacturing processes that are sustainable and efficient, while making a positive impact on the environment.  Our new water-saving faucets reduce kitchen water consumption by 20% - adding to the conservation of the earth's small drinkable supply.



Did you know that organic waste makes up as much as 20-40% of the total waste in landfills?  What a great reason to start composting!  With our award-winning BLANCO SOLON compost system, organic waste is collected below the counter and out-of-sight until it's time to go into your garden. 


Our ultra-durable, colorful SILGRANIT II sinks do not require chemical cleaners, reducing the amount of chemicals that return to our water supply and keeping your kitchen clean the natural way.  With BLANCO's selection of green products, it's simple to incorporate green living into your home.